A-membranes is a spin-off of the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) and the University of Antwerp. More than a decade of joint research and development in the field of membrane filtration, condensed in several patents (FunMem® technology), are the base for the spin-off.

The resulting A-membranes combine high stability and tailor-made affinity. The stability results from the robustness of the ceramic support and the stable ceramic-organic bond. The tunable affinity arises from the unique surface properties created by the modification technology in combination with a wide range of functional groups. 


A-membranes allow unique tailor-made solutions for your separations, purifications and fractionations, which existing membranes cannot offer. They enable continuous separation of components that can otherwise not be separated, and replace or intensify existing separation solutions (e.g. distillation, chromatography, coupling reaction-separation) for both solvent- and aqueous-based streams. As all membrane technologies, it is a sustainable technology, with reduced energy costs and a smaller environmental footprint.  

Reference 1: increased performance in organic solvents

Reference 2: strongly reduced fouling

Reference 3: tunable affinity-based separations

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