Improved performance by affinity

The tunable affinity of the A-membranes allows for an improved performance in different applications. This optimized performance is the result of the membrane-solvent-solute affinity tuning, depending on the separation challenge to be solved. As a consequence, A-membranes expand membrane filtration from a pure size-based separation process, to an affinity-based separation process, setting new standards in filtration and opening a variety of innovative solutions to your energy intensive or difficult separations. 

Three types of improved performance

  • Improved Organic Solvent Nanofiltration (OSN): by increasing the membrane-solvent affinity, solvent fluxes as well as solute retentions can be substantially increased. 
  • Strongly reduced fouling: by decreasing the membrane-foulant affinity, strong anti-fouling effects can be created in difficult waste waters, resulting in higher and more stable process fluxes, as well as increased retentions, in specific application cases. 
  • Tunable affinity-based separations: by increasing the membrane-solute affinity for one solute, this solute can be separated from other solutes, even though their size is very similar. This can be considered as the membrane version of chromatography allowing continuous processing. 

Reference 1: increased performance in organic solvents

Reference 2: strongly reduced fouling

Reference 3: tunable affinity-based separations